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Friends thank you all for showing interest to meet on the occasion of our Global Alumni Meet.

Golden Jubilee batches have been contributing and donating to our alma matter in the range of 10lakhs to 60lakhs and even have instituted scholarships/awards in name of the batch etc.

Each of us is expected to think on similar lines, and help in creating a corpus to serve the cause of PECOSA.

You may recommend businesses to sponsor a banner on the PECOSA website too.

Start Scholarship in Your Own Name
(or in name of your own Batch, or to recognise a distinguished alumnus)

During  the year 2018, the awards and scholarships offered by PECOSA got a great boost thanks to the  1968 batch and Dr Vijay Vasandani who contributed Rs. 61 lakhs and 10 lakhs respectively. An amount of Rs 5 lakhs has been also contributed by the 1972 batch, on their Golden Jubliee meet in 2023. An amount of Rs. 50000 has been offered per annum as Books & Instruments Allowance by the 1961 batch thanks to efforts by Dr Gian Banga Ex Head Production Engineering Department and now settled in Australia. Total amount of the Scholarships and Prizes awarded during 2018-19 would be Rs 7.96 lakhs. A few years earlier, the 1988 Electronics & Electrical Communications contributed Rs 20 lakhs for setting up Mechatronics Lab and installation of Universal Testing Machine in the institute. The 1990 Electrical batch ventured to contribute Rs. 5 lakhs for installation of  panels in the T&D lab for testing numeric relays.

The list of contributors to the Corpus is as below:

type description amount

Research Fund 1957-61₹9,86,273
Sydney Prizes₹10,30,000
1978 batch JaspalBhatti₹3,25,000
1973 batch₹8,33,254
1980 batch₹13,05,507
1985 batch₹2,25,000
1986 batch₹2,25,000
1987 batch₹1,85,000
1988 batch₹30,000
2004 batch Sarita₹1,55,000
1969 batch AGJSF₹57,02,039
Attri Scholarship₹5,03,328
Life Fee 2001 onwards₹42,16,000
Prof Shinku Sharma₹6,04,000
1972 Batch₹5,00,000

The Punjab Engineering College Old Students Association ( PECOSA)  solicits donations from its Alumni and others for meeting the expenses for its activities in the furtherance of the Aims and Objectives of the Association. The Association stands registered as society under Registration of Firms & Societies Act XXI of 1860 with Registrar Firms & Societies Chandigarh with Regd. No 2821 of 1998 on 08.12.1998 and also with the Income Tax Department under section 12-A(a) of Income-tax Act 1961 vide Commissioner of Income-Tax Chandigarh vide memo No CIT/CHD/12A/54/Tech/5813 dated 3.11.2000 ( entered at No 67-P in the register of Application under section 12AA maintained in that office).The  PECOSA  was  granted exemption u/s 80-G of Income-tax Act 1961 vide memo No CIT/CHD/Tech/80-G/47/Tech/5814 dated 3.11.2000  read with the Commissioner of Income Tax Chandigarh memo dated 08.12.1998.

The contributions may be made to the Punjab Engineering College Old Students Association (PECOSA)   for improved academic facilities, infrastructure, extra-curricular facilities and for helping needy and meritorious students. The contributions are invested in fixed deposits in State Bank of India, Sec-12 PEC Campus and the returns there from are utilised strictly as per the criteria laid down by the contributors.

Download specimen copy of the Memorandum for Utilisation of Funds entered into between the 1968 batch and the PECOSA here.-> “link to memorandum file”

You may contact the current treasure to know more: Click Here To Whatsapp