That extra bus capacity will sit alongside the existing

That extra bus capacity will sit alongside the existing

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Hermes Replica Belt Today (July 26) the executive board of the Greater Cambridge Partnership (former City Deal) voted to accept the “final concept” for a re design of Milton Road that will increase capacity enough to cope with future demands.The concept, approved by the GCP assembly last week, includes 430 metres of outbound bus lane, 320m more than there are at the moment, but 885m of inbound bus lane, 130m fewer than currently.That extra bus capacity will sit alongside the existing carriageway, and will be concentrated around major junctions like Elizabeth Way junction and the King’s Hedges Road junction.Calls for bollards on guided busway after driver left strandedThere will also be properly segregated cycle routes and separate paths for pedestrians. The proposals also aim to keep as much of the trees and green verges as possible to avoid the road becoming a utilitarian corridor.How the various road users could interact on approaches to major junctionsAfter a lengthy process, with numerous interventions from residents and campaigners, Interim transport director Chris Tunstall has vowed to learn lessons before similar plans are brought forward for Histon Road in September.Mr Tunstall said: “We are looking to design for 2031. Things like Northstowe and Waterbeach will increase traffic. Hermes Replica Belt

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