S. No. Name of Awards and Scholraships Instituted By Description and Qualification Criteria
1 1968 Golden Jubilee Alumni Scholarships 1968 Batch 8scharships of Rs. 50000/ – each totalling Rs. 4.00 lakh per annum to be awarded one for each branch purely on economic basis to the most financially needy students with a minimum CGPA of 6.50. There will be 10 % hike in this scholarship per annum from 2020 onwards.
2 Padma Award Dr Vijay Vasandani 1983 Mech in memory of his late mother An award of Rs 50,000/- per annum to be awarded to girl student having good academic and overall performance with maximum family income of Rs 8.00 lakh p.a.
3 Nirmala Bhatia Scholarship Er Anil Bhatia 1993 Electronics in memory of his mother Two scholarships of Rs 15,000/- each in memory of his late mother for students of second year of Electronics & Electrical Communication Branch based on Ist year ( 2nd semester cumulative result) with maximum CGPA to. a) One scholarship to Girl student of 2nd year based on Ist year result from Electronics Engg Branch with highest CGPA worth Rs 15,000/- b) One scholarship to SC/ST student of 2nd year based on Ist year from Electronics Branch with highest CGPA from amongst SC/ST student (whether boy or girl)
4 Harjit Singh Oberoi and Surinder Kaur Oberoi scholarships Er Manpreet Singh Oberoi Production 1992 & Er Harpreet Singh Oberoi, Electrical 1993. Harjit Singh Oberoischolarship for Rs 11000/- for topper of fourth semester(2nd yr ) cumulative from Production Engineering and Surinder Kaur Oberoi scholarship for Rs 11000/- for girl student topper of fourth semester(2nd Yr) cumulative from Electrical engineering on yearly basis.
5 PECOSA Scholarships PECOSA 8 Scholarships of Rs 10,000/- each awarded to TOPPERS of all undergraduate Branches of Engineering based on cumulative results of 6th semester
6 PECOSA SYDNEY Prizes PEC Alumni settled in Australia Three Prizes of Rs 10,00/- each to Second Position Holder ( second in CGPA) of Civil, Computer Sciences & Electrical Engg. Branches based on cumulative results of 2nd semester ( First Year Result). The branches are to be changed every year in alphabetical order i.e next year ( 2019-20), the nominated branches will be Electronics, Mechanical and Materials & Metallurgical Engg and cycle shall be followed on rotational basis. These prizes are being financed by PECOSA Sydney (PECOSIANs settled in Australia )
7 Goel Fellowships Er O.P.Goel of 1956 Civil Batch & Past President IEI in memory of his parents( late Sh Jagan Nath & Smt Rukmi Devi) Three Goel Fellowships of Rs 10,000/- each to be awarded to students from Bathinda/Mansa Distts of Punjab, who score maximum grades in Civil Engg branch of 1st,2nd & 3rd year based on 2nd,4th & 6th semester
8 Shamsher Singh Attri Scholarships Dr N.S.Attri , a reputed Aerospace scientist settled in USA in memory of his father Sh Shamsher Singh Attri Three Scholarships of Rs 10,000/- each to be awarded to Toppers of Aerospace; Mechanical & Electrical Branches of 3rd year based on 4th semester cumulative results.
9 Nanda prize Er M.K.Nanda 1969 Elect One- time prize of Rs 10,000/- to girl student topper of computer sciences Engg based on cumulative CGPA of fourth semester( 2nd yr) result.
10 CHANDUMELA-MUNGO & KAMLESH-GIAN BANGA prizes. Prof. Gian C. Banga( 1961 Mech) & Ex.HOD Production Engg (PEC) Chandumela- Mungo prize of Rs 8,000/- each to be awarded to the student of Mechanical engineering and Kamlesh- Gian Banga prize to the student of Production & Industrial Engineering, both based on 3rd year ( 6th semester cumulative CGPA) belonging to Scheduled Caste category. The main criterion for these prizes shall that student claiming these must have declared himself( herself) belonging to S.C category at the time of admission to PEC( Deemed to be University).
11 Ajay Kadian Sports Prizes Er Ajay Kadian ( Late) of 1985 Mett batch Sports Prizes of Rs 7500/- each to be awarded to best girl & boy athelete given on sports day of PEC every year.
12 Best Project Prizes PECOSA Cash prizes worth Rs 33,000/- were awarded for best projects ( First, Second & Third with few consolation prizes) on the occasion of Open House of PEC organized in April 2018
13 Books & instruments Allowance 1957-61 Batch Corpus Fund 4 Books & Instruments Allowance of Rs 12,500/- each totalling Rs 50,000/- p.a to be awarded to one student each of Final Year first semester from branches of Civil,Electrical, Mechanical & Production Engg.These are being financed out of interest from corpus of 1961 batch.